YouTube Gallery extension for Joomla!

Version: 5.4.0
YouTube Gallery is popular Joomla Extension

Youtube Gallery is a video media management solution for Joomla! The component that shows a video gallery - catalog of selected videos, Play Lists, Channels etc. Supports popular video hosting: Youtube, Vimeo,,, UStream, Dailymotion,, College Humor, SoundCloud and local .FLV files.

Embed your Videos to Joomla website. Place Youtube Channel videos to an article.



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Daughter - Youth

Views: 14382605
Daughter - Youth

DeepMind’s AI Plays Catch…And So Much More! ?

Views: 304088
DeepMind’s AI Plays Catch…And So Much More! ?

Kate Ryan - Ur My Love

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Kate Ryan - Ur My Love

Richard Clayderman - Ballade Pour Adeline

Views: 36106432
Richard Clayderman - Ballade Pour Adeline

Youtube Gallery Extension for Joomla - Key benefits, and How to Use It.

The YoutubeGallery extension for Joomla is a simple way to add your videos to any Joomla website, and supports videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and many other video hosting sites. The software is responsive, user friendly and can really enhance the SEF of your site when people search for related topics and videos, whether on Youtube or search engines in general.

Getting your Youtube extension working is straightforward, with a few simple steps required to build this great video resource on your Joomla site. All that needs to be done is to select ‘components’, on the back end of your site, then ‘Youtube gallery’, and then ‘new’. You can now add the video links you require. Adding your existing Youtube channel, and all the videos you might already have uploaded there is also easy to accomplish, and thanks to the simple layout and responsive interface, it can take a matter of minutes to incorporate whole video plays lists on to your site. Additionally, adding your own custom features, such as title, description, of video thumbnail, only requires some basic link syntax.

The benefits of the Youtube Gallery are already making a real difference for all kinds of sites, from business oriented to hobby or entertainment pages. The great thing about the YoutubeGallery is that it allows users to express their creative editing skills when composing a video collection, slideshow, or even workshop and information content. Being able to engage with site visitors this way, directly with video also helps to make your site much more SEF.

In general, the Youtube Gallery extension is one of the easiest ways to get your videos on your website that exists today, being easily accessible to the wide variety of site operators that use Joomla without requiring hours of tweaking. Of course, if you should ever need some help with your version of the software, then Joomlaboat are more than happy to help get your Youtube Gallery Extension up and running, or address any problems that crop up.

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Free Themes for Youtube Gallery
Youtube Gallery for Joomla - documentation


Youtube Gallery - Documentation

Youtube Gallery is a video media management solution for Joomla! The component that shows a video gallery - catalog of selected videos on your Joomla website.

All you need is to create a Video List , add list of video links or a links to playlists. Save it. Then create a theme or or import one. Create menu item with YouTube Gallery type, or use plugin or module.

Key benefits:

  • Supports many Video Sources: Youtube, Vimeo,,, UStream, Dailymotion,, College Humor, SoundCloud and local .FLV files;
  • Supports Youtube Playlist, Youtube User Uploads, Youtube User Favorites, Youtube Standard Feeds;
  • Supports Youtube Search;
  • Supports Youtube Show;
  • Supports Vimeo Channel, Vimeo Album, Vimeo User Uploads;
  • Supports Dailymotion Playlist;
  • Youtube Gallery comes as Component, Youtube Gallery Module and Youtube Gallery Plugin;
  • You can mix videos from different sources and mix playlists with individual videos;
  • It will update videos from Youtube (and others) playlist or channels automatically;
  • It can manage large video collections;
  • Create categories of Video Lists and mix them to form special lists etc;
  • Fetch latest videos from Youtube or Vimeo channel;
  • Get as maximum as possible information about the video including likes, views etc;
  • Downloadable free Themes;
  • Custom Layouts to satisfy any design;
  • Conditional tags in Custom Layout (If - End if);
  • Theme Import and Export (Pro Version) functionality (to share/distribute your art work);
  • Pagination;
  • Youtube Logo Cover;
  • Glass cover (to prevent click on video and go to Youtube);
  • Youtube Gallery has "Responsive" feature/option;
  • Facebook head tags preparation;
  • SEF links to videos (convert video title to the link);
  • Switch Video without Page reload or as new page;
  • Youtube Player settings: Autoplay, Repeat (loop), Allow Playlist, Fullscreen, Related Videos, Show Info, Controls, Mute Player, Initial Volume, Border, Primary Border Color, Secondary Border Color (most of these settings are applicable to other players as well);
  • Youtube Parameters (you may pass parameters like hd=1 directly to player).


Download and install the Youtube Gallery extension.
For free download click on "Download" tab on this page. Or click on "Pro Version" if you need more features.

Install Youtube Gallery for Joomla! To install - open your site administration back-end, click on "Extensions","Manage","Install" select the file you just downloaded and click "Install"


Create Video List and create or import Theme - go to "Components"->"YoutubeGallery" ... More Here
Create New Video List and Theme

Group your videos in categories, adjust the layout with many options, cover the logo, place a "glass" on top of the video, use your favorite shadow/light box.

Enable Cache to increase page load speed.



Use it as Component (menu Item)

Create the Video List and Theme, open Menu, click on "new" icon to add new menu item, select "Youtube Gallery" menu item type and select already created video list and theme.

Use it as a Module

Create the video list and theme, open "Module Manager" click "New", select Youtube Gallery type. Enter the name of the module, select desirable position and select already created video list and theme.

Use it as A PLUGIN

Create the video list and theme, create an article and place a special code there:

{youtubegallery=Video List Name,Theme Name,|Itemid|}
{youtubegalleryid=Video List Id,Theme Id,|Itemid|,|Mobile Theme ID|}

Itemid - very optional. It is ID of a Menu Item where to open the video (if "rel" option not set and "Switch Video As" is not set to "Update Player")

Mobile Theme is optional parameter.

example 1:

{youtubegallery=Hot for words,Simple Grid,|Itemid|,|Mobile Theme Name|} - will show the gallery "Hot for words" with default settings, but create it first.

example 2:

{youtubegalleryid=1,2} - will show the video list (id:1) as set in theme (id:2).

Each video list and theme has it's own ID and name, this ID or Name you may use in plugin.


You can control a lot of Youtube Player Parameters Here is more

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$ 19.00

PayPal Buy Now

Key benefits:

  • More than 5 videos can be fetched from Youtube Channel, Playlist, User Uploads etc.
      • 5.4.0 (2021.10.04) Update period option fixed.
      • 5.3.9 (2021.10.04) API support bug fixed.
      • 5.3.8 (2021.10.02) Popup video link fixed.
      • 5.3.7 (2021.10.02) Theme import bug fixed.
      • 5.3.6 (2021.10.02) Installation script improved.
      • 5.3.5 (2021.09.28) Many back-end related bugs fixed.
      • 5.3.4 (2021.09.20) J3 Edit Theme form fixed. Show First Video option fixed.
      • 5.3.3 (2021.09.20) Conversion to CT (Joomla4) Database tables added.
      • 5.3.2 (2021.09.18) Joomla 4 ready.
      • 5.3.1 (2021.03.10) Random order plus pagination combination bug fixed.
      • 5.3.0 (2021.02.22) REL link bug fixed (Lightbox theme affected).
      • 5.2.9 (2021.01.26) Root link fixed (for websites in sub folder).
      • 5.2.8 (2021.01.23) Offline link to YG API added (for pro version).
      • 5.2.6 (2020.11.12) "~" character acceptable in host name. defined('_JEXEC') or die('Restricted access'); added to pagination file.
      • 5.2.4 (2020.10.31) Static function warning fixed.
      • 5.2.3 (2020.10.08) ACL implemented.
      • 5.2.2 (2020.09.22) Video meta data loads dynamically and only records visible on the page.
      • 5.2.0 (2020.09.18) Force updates improved.
      • 5.1.9 (2020.09.01) 5 min playlist added update.
      • 5.1.8 (2020.08.31) 5 min update interval added.
      • 5.1.7 (2020.08.13) Component page title added (can be disabled in menu settings).
      • 5.1.6 (2020.08.13) Component warning fixed.
      • 5.1.5 (2020.07.24) Custom ordering improved. Updated initial statistics improved.
      • 5.1.4 (2020.07.23) IE support added.
      • 5.1.3 (2020.07.23) Custom API Host option added and non-unique videos don't affect each other anymore.
      • 5.1.2 (2020.07.22) Sort by Custom Title fixed.
      • 5.1.1 (2020.07.16) Class renamed, bug fixed.
      • 5.1.0 (2020.07.06) Took "forgot the player" message off, create new default template.
      • 5.0.9 (2020.06.19) Links to JS files are fixed.
      • 5.0.8 (2020.06.17) Thumbnail link bug fixed.
      • 5.0.7 (2020.06.17) Player bug fixed.
      • 5.0.6 (2020.06.15) Layout Render re organized.
      • 5.0.5 (2020.06.09) Two default themes added to the package. Import theme improved.
      • 5.0.4 (2020.06.09) Article Button bug fixed.
      • 5.0.3 (2020.06.03) Article Button added.
      • 5.0.2 (2020.05.24) Connection test added.
      • 5.0.1 (2020.05.22) Hides "register" message when activation key is entered.
      • 5.0.0 (2020.05.20) Switched to JoomlaBoat Youtube API.
      • 4.9.0 (2020.02.12) Onclick Autoplay bug fixed.
      • 4.8.9 (2020.02.12) Package fixed. One file was empty.
      • 4.8.8 (2020.01.23) Default API key changed.
      • 4.8.7 (2020.01.04) Autoplay fixed in Chrome - Plays even if the player is not muted.
      • 4.8.6 (2020.01.03) Back-end editor tags xml file php wrap added.
      • 4.8.5 (2020.01.03) Bypasses email clocking in case when description contains an email.
      • 4.8.4 (2019.12.31) Open in same window bug fixed. Plugin: SEF links bug fixed.
      • 4.8.3 (2019.12.17) Theme editor JS bug fixed.
      • 4.8.2 (2019.11.27) Default layout improved (pagination css).
      • 4.8.1 (2019.11.19) Video Title may include quote characters now.
      • 4.8.0 (2019.10.22) Meta description keywords stays unchanged if Prepare Head Tags is disabled.
      • 4.7.9 (2019.10.11) Free version save default theme settings bug fixed.
      • 4.7.8 (2019.09.14) Default API key improved (no need to go to Settings page to get it).
      • 4.7.7 (2019.09.12) Editor Button improved.
      • 4.7.6 (2019.09.10) Editor Button added. Easy to add videos to articles now.
      • 4.7.5 (2019.06.13) Export theme bug fixed.
      • 4.7.4 (2019.05.28) "moredetails=true"  bug fixed.
      • 4.7.2 (2019.04.16) Supports MariaDB.
      • 4.7.0 (2019.02.19) Video Description quote characters replaced.
      • 4.6.9 (2019.02.18) JQuery independent.
      • 4.6.8 (2019.02.18) Linebreaks added to description.
      • 4.6.7 (2019.02.12) Back-end Add Video link improved. Video title and description can be raw (not stripped) if not limited by number of characters or words.
      • 4.6.5 (2019.02.06) Create category bug fixed.
      • 4.6.4 (2019.02.06) Update page title bug fixed.
      • 4.6.2 (2019.02.06) Create category bug fixed.
      • 4.6.1 (2019.02.04) Vimeo uploaded videos request fixed.
      • 4.6.0 (2019.01.26) Default Theme improved. Active thumbnail Class added. Repeat single video fixed.
      • 4.5.9 (2019.01.25) Manifest XML file fixed (wrong package name).
      • 4.5.8 (2019.01.11) "Auto Play" bug fixed. code cleaned.
      • 4.5.7 (2018.12.27) Duration "quotes" cleaned.
      • 4.5.6 (2018.12.27) "iconv" PHP function no longer required. Its important to have this function enabled, its used to create SEF aliases.
      • 4.5.5 (2018.12.27) Video duration bug fixed. Refresh video lists to get correct values.
      • 4.5.4 (2018.12.11) "allow_url_fopen" no longer required. Default API Key included.
      • 4.5.3 (2018.12.05) phpversion function not required anymore.
      • 4.5.2 (2018.11.28) Theme Import functionality fixed.
      • 4.5.1 (2018.11.28) "Autoplay" Fixed.
      • 4.5.0 (2018.11.28) Free version installation fixed.
      • 4.4.9 (2018.11.28) API Player improved, can switch automatically between Youtube and Vimeo. Code Mirror Layout editor added.
      • 4.4.7 (2018.08.08) Order By Video Title added.
      • 4.4.6 (2018.07.18) Code cleaned.
      • 4.4.5 (2018.06.22) Code cleaned. Compatible with Joomla! 3.8.8. Hot switch/Do not show the first video bug fixed.

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