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STS-128 Landing
Hispanic American Month Profile:  Dr. Ellen Ochoa
Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror
Shatner Hosts Curiosity’s "Grand Entrance" to Mars
NASA Lands Car-Size Rover Beside Martian Mountain
"NASA Johnson Style" ("Gangnam Style" Parody)
Voyager 2 Trajectory through the Solar System
New Findings From NASA’s Dawn Mission at Dwarf Planet Ceres
NASA Remembers Moonwalker, Shuttle Commander John Young
Flight Through Orion Nebula in Visible and Infrared Light
NASA Psyche Mission: Journey to a Metal World
Ancient Organics Discovered on Mars
NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Mission Launches to Touch the Sun
Supercomputer Simulation Reveals Supermassive Black Holes
Apollo 50th: First Crew Launches on Apollo 7
Space Station Science at 17,500 Miles Per Hour
NASA Explorers: Cryosphere - The Big Thaw
Legacy of NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope: More Planets Than Stars
First 8K Video from Space - Ultra HD
How Will NASA’s InSight Spacecraft Land on Mars?
How Do You Assemble the Largest Rocket Ever Made?
How and Why Is NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Mission Visiting Asteroid Bennu?
The Life and Death of a Planetary System
Apollo 8: Around The Moon and Back
NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV
Apollo 9: ’A Hell of a Ride’
We Are Going
Apollo 10: ‘Tell the world, we have arrived’
We Go Together
Our Next Lunar Landings
Dragonfly: NASA’s New Mission to Explore Saturn’s Moon Titan
Launch of Orion Spacecraft Ascent Abort-2 Test
Fifty Years of Apollo Technologies in Your Life
Apollo 11: Landing on the Moon
#AskNASA┃ What is Artemis?
Space Is Hard
#AskNASA┃ What are the Next Generation Spacesuits?
Apollo 12: The Pinpoint Mission
Arrokoth: Naming the Kuiper Belt Object Visited by NASA’s New Horizons
#AskNASA┃ What is the International Space Station?
How We Are Going to the Moon - 4K
NASA 2020: Are You Ready?
Dreamed Of This
Artemis Generation: Astronaut Graduation Day
Spitzer and NASA’s ‘Great Observatories’ Space Telescopes
Explorers Wanted: NASA to Hire More New Artemis Generation Astronauts
Inside NASA’s Psyche Mission to Study a Metallic Asteroid
Katherine Johnson: An American Hero
Middle-School Student Names NASA’s Next Mars Rover
Lindsey Stirling Performs Artemis at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center
Artemis Update: A Year of Progress on Returning to the Moon
Apollo 13: ‘Houston, We’ve Had a Problem’
NASA’s Gravity Assist Podcast Season 4: Searching for Life
Artemis Announcement: NASA Selects Human Landing Systems
The Worm Is Back!
How Are You Preparing to #LaunchAmerica?
Tour from Space: Inside the SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft on Its Way to the Space Station
Who is NASA Astronaut Doug Hurley?
Who is NASA Astronaut Bob Behnken?
What You Need To Know About Asteroids and Other Near-Earth Objects
What You Need to Know About Astrobiology - The Search for Life in the Universe!
We Persevere
What You Need to Know About Mars
6 NASA Technologies to Get Humans to Mars
Say “Bon Voyage” to our Mars Perseverance Rover!
NASA Astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley’s Scientific Journeys aboard the Space Station
Splashdown Recap: Bob & Doug Come Home
A Bridge Above: 20 Years of the International Space Station
What You Need to Know About Ocean Worlds
What You Need to Know About Enceladus
NASA Tests Space Launch System Rocket Booster for Artemis Missions
An Update to Plans for Artemis on This Week @NASA – September 25, 2020
NASA and International Partners Sign Artemis Accords
A Touch of History for Asteroid Sample Return Mission on This Week @NASA – October 23, 2020
An International Agreement to Collaborate on Artemis on This Week @NASA – October 30, 2020
Marking 20 Years of Humans Aboard the Space Station on This Week @NASA – November 6, 2020
The Next Space Station Crew Launching From America on This Week @NASA – November 13, 2020
Meet Shannon Walker, Crew-1 Mission Specialist
Meet Mike Hopkins, Crew-1 Commander
Meet Victor Glover, Crew-1 Pilot
Liftoff of NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 Mission
NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 Launch
The Journey of Resilience to The Space Station on This Week @NASA – November 21, 2020
What You Need to Know About Saturn’s Moon Titan
Making Ready for the First Artemis Mission Around the Moon on This Week @NASA – November 27, 2020
Meet the Artemis Team
Meet Artemis Team Member Jonny Kim
Meet Artemis Team Member Kate Rubins
What You Need to Know About Trojan Asteroids
An Update on the Green Run Hot Fire Test for Artemis I on This Week @NASA – January 8, 2021
An Update on the Recent Green Run Hot Fire Test on This Week @NASA – January 22, 2021
Apollo 14: ‘A Wild Place Up Here’
A New Source of Power for the Space Station on This Week @NASA – February 5, 2021
Tracking Our Next Mars Landing on This Week @NASA – February 12, 2021
Feb. 18: Our Perseverance Rover & Ingenuity Helicopter Arrive at Mars
60 Years of Mars Exploration Has Led to This
Q/A: International Partnerships are Getting Perseverance to Mars, Here’s How
Our Perseverance Rover Takes up Residence on Mars on This Week @NASA – February 20, 2021

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Plugin that places Youtube comments to website.


To use with Youtube Gallery:
place following code into "Navigation Bar Custom Layout": {ygcomments=[videoid]}

To use with embeded Youtube Video:
place following code anywhere: {ygcomments=Video ID}

To get video id from URL:
place following code anywhere: {ygcomments=url:parameter}


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