In case you want to have a functional catalog embedded to a Layout or an article - iframe tag. You can provide some URL query parameter to filter catalog records.

Below is an example of a Catalog in side Edit Record Layout:

<iframe src="/index.php/subjects-list?type={id}&tmpl=component" height="400" style="width:100%;border:1px solid green;"></iframe>

Where "/index.php/subjects-list" is the link to a menu item that has Custom Tables - Catalog type

"type={id}" is a query parameter that we want to mass to a catalog to filter

"{id}" ID of the current record, if the page where you want to have a functional catalog is Edit Record or Record Details type.

"tmpl=component" is to not render front-end template.

This is Custom Tables - Catalog type menu item.

I passed parameter type with the URL query. Now we will use it to filter catalog records.

I have a field "type" in my table. I want to show all the records that have the type id equal to type URL parameter.

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