What´s the difference between Youtube Gallery free version and Pro Version?

Youtube Gallery PRO Version has a lot of additional features and settings and no link to our website, complete list of additional options you can see below. We constantly working on extending these features to customize the extension for the web developers.

We charge as little as $35.00 (download Youtube Gallery Extension for Joomla). Also we can install the extension for you ($40, pro version price not included).

Remember that once you buy PRO Version Youtube Gallery you are free to use it on as many domains/websites as you wish.

We are very thankful to those users who support our project and help us on further extension development. Also we do appreciate if you leave your feedback on our page on Joomla Extensions Directory.

The difference between PRO Version Youtube Gallery and free version you can see on this comparative table:

Compare Youtube Gallery Free and PRO version to see the difference:

Free version
PRO version
The link to our website Yes No Link
Multiple video source
Custom Layout
Option to Show Gallery Name
Gallery Name CSS Style
Show Active Video Title
Active Video Title CSS Style
Show Active Video Description
Active Video Description CSS Style
Description position
Player Border Color
Autoplay, Repeat (loop), Fullscreen
Related Videos, Show Info, Controls
Mute Player
Initial Volume
Player Type
Youtube Parameters
Navigation Bar
Navigation bar CSS Style
Number of Columns 1-8 1-8
Thumbnail Background color
Show Video Title (Under thumbnail)
Thumbnail CSS Style
Line CSS Style
Randomization :
Rel option to apply any shadow/lightbox :
Use glass cover
Logo Cover
Cache Update Period
Prepare Head Tags

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