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Ordering records
Custom Tables

To sort table records by one field you will have to enable"Allow Ordering" in the Field settings Optional tab.

Then if you use Custom Tables as Menu Item, go to the Settings tab and type the desired field name into the "Default sort by field" box. This can be overwritten by a user using the Order By select box. Or use "Forced sort by field" to sort only by the desired field.

Also, you may use "_id" or "_published" words to order by a record ID or publish status accordingly.

If you use Custom Tables as the Plugin then type the field name into a 7th parameter:
{castomtablescatalog:Table name,|Page layout name|,Record layout_name,|Publish State|,|Filter|,|Sort by Field|,|Force Itemid|}

To sort records in descending order add " DESC" after the field name.

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