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Editor Button
YouTube Gallery

Step 1: Edit an article and click on Youtube Gallery button in the toolbar. If its doesnt appear there then enable Youtube Gallery Button plugin.   Step 2: Click on Add Link green button to add Youtube or Vimeo video link or a link to a channel or play list

Import/Export CSV
Custom Tables

To import CSV file to any table add tag to Catalog Layout. It will render an Upload button to import CSV files. CSV File header will be compared to table field names to import the data to correct fields. If no match found or the first line of the

How to hide rows when search parameters not specified yet.
Custom Tables

I would like to see nothing and only when I search something I would like to see data. To show or hide part of the layout use the IF statement This is Catalog Page layout example:   <div style=float:right;></div><div style=float:left;></div><div style=text-align:center;></div><div class=datagrid><div></div><table><thead><tr><td style=text-align:center;>*fullname*<br/></td><td style=text-align:center;>*email*<br/></td><td style=text-align:center;>*date*</td><td style=text-align:center;>Action<br/></td></tr></thead><tbody>!=}<!-- here is your catalog

How to embed an Active Catalog to a layout
Custom Tables

In case you want to have a functional catalog embedded to a Layout or an article - iframe tag. You can provide some URL query parameter to filter catalog records. Below is an example of a Catalog in side Edit Record Layout:   Where /index.php/subjects-list is the link to a

How to show records created by the current user
Custom Tables

Add menu type: Custom Tables - Catalog Click on Filter tab and the parameter Search Parameter, set it to USER=, where user is the name field in your custom table where user ID is stored. will be replaced by the current user id automatically. This is equal to MySQL

File field type
Custom Tables

File field type provides file upload functionality to your website users. Field type parameters: Max File Size - Maximum file size that can be uploaded to the server (in megabytes). Note: check your PHP settings as well. Min=1, max=1000; Folder - Folder where all the files will be kept. By

How to import exported table structure
Custom Tables

You can import exported tables to Custom Tables. This functionality makes it easy to setup new website. Exported table(s) file is a JSON encoded text file that contains table structure, fields, layout and menu item. Below is an example of how to import Appointments Demo example. Download. appointments.txt file.

How to include one Layout code into another layout
Custom Tables

To include one layout code into another layout use tag Example: The Included layout code and parent layout code will be processed as a single layout. Works  as  the include method in other computer languages. This helps to structure layouts. The Layout tag

Ordering records
Custom Tables

To sort table records by one field you will have to enableAllow Ordering in the Field settings Optional tab. Then if you use Custom Tables as Menu Item, go to the Settings tab and type the desired field name into the Default sort by field box. This can be overwritten is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project or Open Source Matters.
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