Custom Tables Catalog extension for Joomla!

Version: 1.0.2

Returns a Custom Table catalog results into. Enable Content Plugins in menu item settings.

Syntax: {castomtablescatalog:Table name,|Page layout name|,Record layout_name,|Publish State|,|Filter|,|Sort by Field|,|Force Itemid|}

Table name - Custom Tables table

Page Layout - Catalog Page Layout name, can be left blank. If left blank it will have same effect if you have following code in the layout: {catalog:,notable}

Record Layout Name - Layout name, or layout code ([name] - [price]), also "_id" keyword can be used to get the record ID only.


Publish State - State Filter, possible values: showpublished,showunpublished,showany

Filter - Additional filter, ie. fieldname=some value. field to search in = (or < or <= or > or >= or !=)
value (or special macro as 0 for example ) to have more than one equation use AND, OR
to get value from url query add '$get_' to parameter name, example 'username=$get_user' this will read value 'user' from url query.

Sort by Field - Type field name to sort by. Example 1: 'title desc' Example 2: 'title asc'. Note that keyword asc is not necessary.

Force Itemid - Used to set parameters for edit form etc.




is the same like {castomtablesrecord:prices,,productprices,showany,"city=London",price}


 In case you want to have a functional catalog embedded to a Layout or an article - iframe tag. You can provide some URL query parameter to filter catalog records.

Below is an example of a Catalog in side Edit Record Layout:

 <iframe src="/index.php/subjects-list?type=20&tmpl=component" height="400" style="width:100%;border:1px solid green;"></iframe>

Where "/index.php/subjects-list" is the link to a menu item that has Custom Tables - Catalog type

"type=20" is a query parameter that we want to mass to a catalog to filter

"20" ID of the current record, if the page where you want to have a functional catalog is Edit Record or Record Details type.

 "tmpl=component" is to not render front-end template.

This is Custom Tables - Catalog type menu item.

I passed parameter type with the URL query. Now we will use it to filter catalog records.

I have a field "type" in my table. I want to show all the records that have the type id equal to type URL parameter.

"$get_" is a short tag to get URL parameter value. This works in filters only. Menu Items, Custom Tables Catalog and Custom Tables Record plugins.


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Key benefits:

This plugins comes free with the Custom Tables Pro Version

1.0.2 [2018-04-08] - Compatibility issue fixed.

1.0.1 [2018-05-08] - First release. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project or Open Source Matters.
The Joomla! name and logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters
the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.