Shopping Cart Tags available in Custom Record Layout and Catalog Details Layout:

{cart:count,prefix} — Returns the number of units of the current item (record) is added to the Shopping Cart

{cart:addtocart,prefix} — Returns a link that add current item to the Shopping Cart

{cart:setitemcount,prefix,|Button Lable|,|CSS Style|,|Button Image|} — Return a form to change the number of units.

Usage example: {cart:setitemcount,MyShoppingCart,Update,width:30px;,images/button.png}

{cart:form_addtocart,prefix,|Button Lable|,|CSS Style|,|Button Image|} — Same as above but it add number of units to allready existing units (not items) in the Shopping cart

{cart:deleteitem,prefix} — Returns a link that deletes current item of the Shopping Cart

Usage example: <a href= "{cart:deleteitem,MyShoppingCart}" >Delete</a> is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project or Open Source Matters.
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