{recordcount} — Returns text string with a number of records,

example: Found 23 record(s)

{recordcount:numberonly} — Returns the number of records.

example: 23

{count} — same as {recordcount:numberonly}

{catalog:|tableclass|,|notable|} — builds a simple catalog table with number of columns (number of columns you may set in Menu Item or Module settings)

tableclass — is CSS Class name, use like <table>

notable — to build a catalog without table, plain list like item1 item2 ... item_n

{catalogtable:|fields|;|CSS Class|} — builds advanced catalog.
Fields — is a list of fields with it's own format:
field_name1:value_of_field_1,field_name2:value_of_field_2 etc
The result is this:

Field 1 Field 2
Value of field 1, record 1 Value of field 2, record 1
Value of field 1, record 2 Value of field 2, record 1

To get a field name - type *fieldname*
To get a field value - type [fieldname]

See Complete List of Table Layout Tags

{print} to the layout to have a button that opens a window without template, only content.

*fieldname* - To place a field title of the current table. It detects current language and returns the title accouring to it. This works in all layouts.

{Itemid} — Joomla menu Itemid

{date} — Returns current date in Joomla defined format (language supported)

{currenturl:|method|,|parameter|} Returns current URL or any query parameter, it also can be base64 encoded if you include that keyword. Example: {currenturl:,Itemid} or {currenturl:base64,Itemid}


  • string - return string value of query parameter (sanitized);
  • int - return integer value of query parameter;
  • base64 - return base64 encoded - value of query parameter
  • set - sets query value (to communicate with diferent modules for example)

|search:field name or "button" keyword,style| — Places a search box or Search Button.
Example: |search:name,color:red;||search:button| - It will add search input box and a button

{pagination:|option|} — Returns current URL.

  • limit
  • pagination (by default)
  • order
  • limitorder
  • limitpaginationorder
  • limitpagination
  • paginationorder

{navigation} — Returns a textual value of the filter used

{navigation:CSS Class,List Type} — Returns a textual value of the filter used

  • CSS Class - is what it is.
  • List Type - list (Unordered list) or comma (comma separated)

{tabletitle} — Returns a title of the current table

{tabledescription} — Returns a description of the current table

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