You may pass following url-query parameters to Edit Form:

  • returnto - base64 encoded url to return to after data saved or editing canceled.
  • acceptreturnto - base64 encoded url to return to after data saved.
  • es_field name - as a default value for certain field
  • where - base64 encoded where string, example: name=test and year=2017. so year and name parameters will be taken as default values for certain fields.

{buttons:|submit_buttons|,|Apply Button Title|,|Save as button title|,|Cancel Link|:|optional class|} — to render «save», «cancel» and «save as» buttons.
savecancel - Save / Cancel
savecancelsavenew - Save / Save as New / Cancel
apply - Apply
nextprint - Next (Opens Print preview)

If "Apply Button Title" not not set then "Apply" word will be used

If "Save as Button" not not set then "Save As" term will be used

Optional Class, is the CSS class to used instead of "button" be default.

"Cancel Link" is where to go URL if visitor clicks on "Cancel" button, if that button is visible.

{currentuserid} — Returns Current User ID

{id} — Returns record ID

{published} — Returns «Yes» word (language depended) if record is published and «No» if not.
{_value:published} — Returns «1» if published and «0» if not.

{date} — Returns current date in Joomla defined format (language supported)

{description} — Returns table description.

*field_name* - Returns field's name

[field_name] - Returns field's edit box, depends on field type. Input box for string, textarea for text, date picker for date etc.

[field_name:css_style,optional_parameter] - Same as above but you may apply some CSS to the edit box like width etc. and add an optional parameter

optional parameter - right now is applied to image file type only


  • uploadfile - the button to select file (image) to upload
  • image - returns default thumbnail if uploaded
  • image:_original - returns original image if uploaded
  • image:"size_name" - returns "size_name" image variant if uploaded
  • imagelink - returns default thumbnail image link if uploaded
  • imagelink:_original - return original image link if uploaded
  • imagelink:"size_name" - return "size_name" image link variant if uploaded
  • deleteimage: return the checkbox to delete the image, if field not required and if image is already uploaded. The check box [X] only, without a words like by default [X] Delete Image. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project or Open Source Matters.
The Joomla! name and logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters
the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.