YGComments extension for Joomla!

Version: 1.0

Plugin that places Youtube video comments to your website.

Customizable CSS Styles.

KALOEA Girl - Underwater Walking in a Kaloea Bikini
KALOEA Surfergirl - Just chilling in Bali...... Drone footage
KALOEA Surfer Girls - This is Tahiti  (Trailer HD)
KALOEA Surfer Girls - This is Tahiti (HD 2015)
KALOEA Girls - Freediving a Plane Wreck in Tahiti (HD)
KALOEA Surfer Girls - Surfing The Pass, Byron Bay (HD)
KALOEA Surfer Girls -  Mesh Bikini Collection (HD Maldives)
KALOEA Surfer Girls - Absolute Maldives (HD Drone 2016)
KALOEA Surfer Girls - Tubing in Tahiti (HD Drone )... Funny Wipeouts...
KALOEA Surfer Girls - Moorea, Stringrays & Sharks
KALOEA Surfer Girls - Happy Sandy Christmas (HD 2016 Australia)
Where in the world can you wear Brazilian bikinis?
KALOEA Surfer Girls - Destination Mentawai WavePark (4K - Drone)

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Plugin that places Youtube comments to website.


To use with Youtube Gallery:
place following code into "Navigation Bar Custom Layout": {ygcomments=[videoid]}

To use with embeded Youtube Video:
place following code anywhere: {ygcomments=Video ID}

To get video id from URL:
place following code anywhere: {ygcomments=url:parameter}



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1.0 First Release

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